“A Sound Life” documentary

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“A Sound Life” film chronicles Richard Beggs’ forty-two year career designing sound effects and or mixing final film soundtracks. Richard Beggs followed his interest in fine art painting, classical music and music recording, to work in sound for film. He received an Academy Award on his very first film, “Apocalypse Now.” “A Sound Life” includes behind-the-scenes footage of Francis Ford Coppola, and relaxed interviews with Oscar-winning film professionals such as: director’s Sofia Coppola and Barry Levinson; and re-recording mixer-gurus: Walter Murch, Gary Rydstrom, Randy Thom, Lora Hirschberg, and Skip Lievsay. The film illuminates Richard Beggs’ lifestyle and work-flow from start to finish of a virtually unknown aspect of filmmaking, post-production sound design and re-recording mixing. “A Sound Life” documentary is a revelation of the age-old conflict between commerce and art. It’s about moving forward amidst tragedy and promoting women in film sound.

Kristin Sherman Olnes, director of “A Sound Life.”

I make documentaries about self-taught learners who’ve followed an interest to success. Whatever the subject that drew them in is, that’s what I seek to learn more about. My current documentary, which I’ve been working alone on diligently for six years, is: “A Sound Life.”

I’m currently accepting private and corporate donations for post production costs including: attorney’s fees, music licensing costs, sound-editing honorariums, tests screenings, and festival entries. The film is intended to be screened in educational settings and followed with discussion questions. My hope is that “A Sound Life” will inspire more women to seek work in this currently white male film profession.

For people who want to make a tax-deductible donation, scroll through the pledge offerings below. Then click this link A Sound Life_film  to get to my secure donation page. (The money I raise is managed by my fiscal sponsor, The San Francisco Study Center.)

“A Sound Life”

Blue morpho

Pledge $10 or more    

Social Network

Please share my film updates with your social network. Receive a thank you on my website and a friends only (not public) thank you on Facebook. You’ll get project updates before anyone else.

woman thumbs up

Thumbs Up

Pledge $25 or more

Thumbs up! Digital stream of the completed film “Richard Beggs: A Sound Life.” Plus all of the above. Estimated delivery, February 2021.


Movie Night and Discussion

Pledge $50 or more

A movie night and a discussion of the film “Richard Beggs: A Sound Life” is a unique way to have some fun with friends or a special someone. Watch a digital stream of the completed film and follow up with a list of discussion questions to provoke stimulating conversation; and receive project updates. Estimated delivery, February 2021.

extra extra


Pledge $100 or more    

Be a talent in the film. That’s means you’ll be interviewed for the film’s promotional materials for the film “Richard Beggs: A Sound Life.” Get an HD digital selfie with the director, a digital photo of the interview, a digital stream of the completed film, and project updates. Filming will take place in Oakland, CA. (Reward does not include travel. Location TBD and based on your availability). Estimated delivery, April 2021.

real laurel

  Cinema​ ​Laurel

  Pledge $200 or more

You deserve a cinema laurel. View a password-protected, private online screening of the director’s cut of the film “Richard Beggs: A Sound Life” before it’s public. You’ll have the option to provide your feedback to the director about the film — what is and what isn’t working. Plus, you’ll receive a digital stream of the completed film “Richard Beggs: A Sound Life,”and project updates. Estimated delivery, February 2021.

red carpet treatment

  Red Carpet Treatment

Pledge $500 or more

Get the red carpet treatment including a special thank you in the credits of the film “Richard Beggs: A Sound Life”; plus a digital stream of the completed film “Richard Beggs: A Sound Life”; a live Q&A with the director via Facebook video chat or phone call; and project updates. Estimated delivery, February 2021.

Hollywood royalty

  Royalty Tour

Pledge $1,000 or more

You deserve a royalty tour with the director in San Francisco. (Reward does not include travel to San Francisco.) Get the director’s private driving/walking tour of locations in the film in legendary San Francisco neighborhoods like North Beach, Haight Ashbury, and the Presidio; take a walk to the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge. Plus all the above. Estimated delivery, February 2021.

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Thank you!

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