Steve Shirley Shark Tagger: A Synopsis of my Short Doc

Photo by Kristin Sherman Olnes
I used a Sony RX10 to videotape and photograph a shark-tagging expedition with Steve Shirley in the SF Bay, November 2013.

After twenty-one years of working in education with adults and with kids of all ages, I’ve observed that when a person was truly interested in some *thing,* learning about it was easier.

This is true for Steve Shirley, who is the subject of my eleven minute short documentary.  Steve’s interest has always been nature, water and fishing.  He actually changed his mindset from being a sport fisherman with an intent to “kill fish” to becoming an Ocean Conservationist, protecting sharks in the San Francisco Bay.


Photo of a Sevengill Shark by Kristin Sherman Olnes
“Steve Shirley Shark Tagger” is the title of my eleven minute short documentary.


Steve Shirley Shark Tagger

All his life, Steve loved fishing and being near water.  Hunting for the ‘big monsters’ in the San Francisco Bay landed him a 440 lb Broadnose Sevengill Shark.  Steve realized if he wanted sharks left to fish for, he better protect them. Steve created a non-profit, Ocean Research Foundation.  Using his knowledge as an expert shark fisherman, Steve mentors volunteers on his boat to bait, catch, tag, record data and release sharks for his conservation study, in partnership with the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Steve hopes his data will influence the CA Department of Fish and Game to regulate Seven Gill and Leopard Shark fishing in the SF Bay.

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